Feb 5, 2008


Shout out to CONCRETE LOOP for posting this story earlier in the week.

Many young kids don't know about the REAL Black Wall Street. FYI...it's not the label rapper The Game dons on his icy medallion.

Real talk, this video sheds light on the true power of black people. We were getting that money in a major way after slavery, and yet history books try to negate this fact.

If you listen to these interviews, you can hear some of the true history.

Black people were really making it rain in Tulsa, Oklahoma circa 1910 and into the roaring twenties, so much so, that white people (white mob) were hating to the point that they literally set fire to the thriving black infrastructure (hospitals, schools, markets, churches, post offices, etc.). Although black citizens rebuilt the Negro district, the area never fully recovered.

Check the vid, there will be more success stories of our people to come.

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