May 4, 2008

Ice Cube: Gangsta Rap vs.Lethal Injection

and a little throwback (audio only):

Cube is one of the only rappers that can make family movies and prolific gangster music in the same fiscal year. Cube keeps it relevant. I remember when rappers talked about Illuminati, gods and earths. Now all I hear about is white girl and making it rain. I know it moves units and sells ring tones. So that's why many like us are conflicted. I mean I like stacking bread like the rest of us. I just don't think we've made it up the proverbial food chain. And when we put all our business on front street and expose all of our trap trade secrets to the hip-hop police and those that hate seeing blacks get money, I think we do ourselves a great disservice. We need more balance in rap music and I think we'll slowly but surely change the game.... like we always do about this time. We can't all be triple OG's nor seven-time convicted felons with enough cake to eat the case. If rappers love their hoods like they say they do, then buy bulldozers and caterpillars and rebuild this sh**. You got enough paper to do it. Out.

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