Apr 9, 2008

"For Sale By the Pound": Wenches and Stallions

...and my question is, have we really come much further than this? On the auction block(s) of BET and MTV bustin' it open, and in the words of ol' massa himself, 'no syphilis and their balls bustin with seed.'

This is black (noir) mania at its finest. For more info on this 'shockumentary' from the blaxploitation era click here:Goodbye Uncle Tom


Anonymous said...

We have not gone anywhere just a different more complexed form of slavery hidden to the minds of the dumb deaf and blind. If you cannot see it is still here that is slavery itself. The devil is a bitch nowadays because he has to hide all his dirt..thats what i dont like the most..come out the closet show your face if your so real man-up so i can kill your ass

Anonymous said...

Everything has a cover on it now and no one will admit they are racists...grow some nuts cause i will tell you i am cool wioth white people but i wish all crackers would die in 15 minutes..CNS