Aug 20, 2007


Deanna Jones is a 23-year-old over-achiever. She’s fierce and fully-equipped with body and brains for days. Yes, that’s right…this girl has the total package.

DJ catapulted her career with the Atlanta talk show, The Nitty Gritty Show. As the originator and brainchild of Nitty Gritty, DJ focused on tough topics from politics to safe sex. DJ is a psychology major at Georgia State University slated for graduation in May 2008.

At 18-years-old, DJ was a contributing writer for Don Diva Magazine. In her spare time she worked for Atlanta’s CW Network, where she networked her way up the ladder to land a gig as correspondent for BET’s Black Carpet.

She is currently working on Cooking With the Stars. This star-studded culinary show will feature chart-topping musicians. These celebs will be on site to help Jones prepare delectable cuisines and desserts before a live studio audience.

DJ, a humanitarian by heart, dedicates time to Atlanta charities to embrace the bright beginnings and futures of impoverished children. With no children of her own, she just adopted an adorable puppy. This busy socialite is FIRE.

DJ is currently looking to land that stellar break-out role. So for all you indy film makers out there in virtual reality, please feed our girl a script. Not any of that chitlin’-circuit stuff, though. She’s hungry, but not that hungry.

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