Jul 3, 2007

Rich Boy: Quality Man

NO.I.Rule recently talked to Rich Boy about his self-titled debut album, what it was like growing up in Mobile Alabama and what’s smokin’ hot right now. Check out what he had to say…

NO.I.Rule: So, I read on your website (www.richboyonline.com) something about you opening up for an ultimate fighting match, is that something that you are into?

RichBoy: Oh yeah, I actually just saw that on my schedule, and it surprised me myself so. I’m real excited about doing the ultimate fighting thing. You know what I’m saying, I wanted to go to one of the fights, but I never had time because I was always on the road, so it fell into place for me to perform at one, you know.

NO.I.Rule: So when is the next time you are going to be touring in the Southeast region? When are you coming back to NC/SC?

RichBoy: Real soon. Me and Young Buck putting this tour together called the Young and Rich Tour and most definitely, I should be passing through that area some time soon.

NO.I.Rule: You have a song on your album with Pastor Troy, what did you like most collaborating with Pastor Troy? Not a lot of people get to work with him?

RichBoy: He is one of the few artists that I grew up listening to that I just loved, you know what I’m saying, because he was original when he came out. Nobody sounded like him. How we did that track was crazy…it was like history in the making.

NO.I.Rule: Who are some other artists you want to work with in the near future? Like who are you feeling right now?

RichBoy: I’m most definitely feeling the Young Money Crew, Lil Wayne, I like the Dipset also…and who I’m already working with, Young Buck.

NO.I.Rule: You’re from Mobile. What’s the biggest misconception about coming up in Mobile, Alabama?

RichBoy: The biggest misconception is probably that it is just all country and like extra slow. The only difference we have down here is the way we talk. Everybody talks different everywhere you go in the United States so that’s the only thing that’s different…and we probably dress a little bit different.

NO.I.Rule: That Throw some D’s video is crazy, with them floaters on them Cadillacs…we feeling them in NC definitely…

RichBoy: Oh yeah man, ya’ll showed me so much love from ya’ll city man. It’s just crazy. I wouldn’t expect that much love to be shown when I travel to different areas. It’s like just hype what people think about the West against the East...you go to these different areas and people love each other, really embrace each other.

NO.I.Rule: What can we expect from you in the near future, current projects, movies, mixtapes? Where can we get more Rich Boy?

RichBoy: Oh you can definitely expect, most definitely, some more features. I’m trying to get me a good hot shot on The Entourage, a good feature on there... I want to do me some movies, venture off into that. I want to take every opportunity I have. I want to do a real estate company. I want to start a clothing line. I want to open up a steak house because I love Ruth Chris and Morton’s. You know I’m a fan of that. I want to venture off into that…

NO.I.Rule: So you a steak man? You a filet mignon or Porterhouse/ T-Bone man?

RichBoy: Filet Mignon. It ain’t about the size, it’s about the quality…It ain’t the size of the steak.

NO.I.Rule: You have a song Lost Girl on your album where, you touch on teenage pregnancy and a lot of other issues at the end of your album…Did you do that intentionally?

RichBoy: I wanted my whole album to be like that, but I knew where music was at the time, and they wouldn’t understand that. It would probably throw them off. Every album out was a party…a party record. I felt like I couldn’t come out with the Lost Girl or John Legend song. It was too far left. I had to drop a Throw Some D’s…this is my freshman year. I got a lot of room to grow. This is my first album ever. A lot of artists don’t do this their first time around…. I know this is a special situation.

NO.I.Rule: Much love and much success to you in the future.
RichBoy: Alright, I’ll talk to you later.

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