Jul 6, 2007

Have we come to the end of the road ...

Diddy and Kim Over - I DOUBT IT ... per SandraRose.com

"Kim is no dummy: she's a smart and independent woman who's pushing 40 (she'll be 39 this year), and she has no time to waste. Plus, she's a darn good actress to boot.

Kim holds a Master's degree in Jump off-ology. And the first thing they teach in Jump off 101 is never make yourself dependent on any man. First you make him dependent on you emotionally and physically and then you get that money. Puffy may stray but he always crawls back to Kim with his tail between his legs. Why? Because Kim knows her man inside and out. She's studied him and she knows his wants, desires and weaknesses. She doesn't wear her heart or her emotions on her sleeve. She understands that men will be men and that a woman has to sacrifice a lot in order to help further her man's career. But most importantly, Kim knows that the key to a man's heart is through his bank account."

Spoken like a true G, couldn't of said it better myself!!!!


Anonymous said...

i most def mirror those sentiments. but my question is, what is it exactly that a woman must sacrifice? Is it her dignity, self-respect, true feelings or what to get that paper? I need to know exactly what is the sacrifice? Point blank period, the black man or any man for that matter, will drag you if he has tight reigns on the purse strings.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous:
a REAL woman must sacrifice a little of all of those things at some point in her life if she's going to align herself with a man and be in a relationship with someone she loves ... true, some men will take you through the dirt but a REAL woman knows when to stay to work through it and when to go because enough is enough ... to me (personal opinion) Kim is the epitome of a STRONG woman, she can withstand all the bullsh@t and do it with dignity. I believe she's with him because she loves him but also because she knows, as a woman, to handle a man of diddy calibre you have to be cut from a different cloth - you have to be able to withstand and with-hold through the nonesense and she does it gracefully, without trying to tarnish his name -- i fucx with her

Anonymous said...

i am in total aggreance with you, but what about accountability. when will the day come when the black man is held accountable for his lewd and callous behavior. will the day ever arrive that the black man truly honors the black woman by cherishing her and committing his loins to her entirely, or should we not concern ourselves with when and where he sleeps around? i definitely commend her for being so graceful in the public guise and for refusing to let these groupies and those sexually liberated women affect her mindstate.
chel c

Anonymous said...

Chel C: The black man will be held accountable for his lewd and callous behavior when we as black women wing them from our nipples, when women of other races stop catering to their every need and when they (black men) stop feeling like "everyone" is against them. There are too FEW black men who want real responsibility, the majority of them want to pacify it off on someone else and then play the hurt roll. I truly believe somewhere down the ancestry line of black people, black men stop being the provider and protector and started being the needy and depending. They've forgotten how to stand on their own 2 and how to be dependent on someone to give them something.