Jul 13, 2007

Comedic Grand Hustler

NO.I.Rule recently sat down with comedian extraordinaire Lil Duvall to discuss his family, Grand Hustle, and future plans …

NO.I.Rule: How are you?

Lil Duvall: Good

NO.I.Rule: Thanks for interviewing, I know today is a busy day with the T.I. Album Release!

Lil Duvall: Thanks for interviewing me, I need just as much publicity as anyone else.

NO.I.Rule: How long have you been in the entertainment industry?

Lil Duvall: 6 years

NO.I.Rule: Do you have any kids?

Lil Duvall: YES, I have one on the way

NO.I.Rule: How many do you want?

Lil Duvall: As many as I can afford … people have to understand that kids cost diapers, formula, school … shoot they are expensive

NO.I.Rule: What have you been up to as far as projects?

Lil Duvall: Just working on independent movies & tours.

NO.I.Rule: You were hilarious in 21 Questions (BET Spring Break Special)and Yung Joc's new video "Coffee Shop” …

Lil Duvall: Don’t forget the tatted up, does that still come on TV? (laughs)

NO.I.Rule: What’s something you would love to do but have not done yet?

Lil Duvall: The big screen.

NO.I.Rule: Any comedy tours lined up?

Lil Duvall: Yes, coming soon to a city near you but I will not be coming to a dangerous city w/o security, I am too little to be fighting, BUT I am a professional pointer I will point someone out in a heartbeat (laughs, while steadily pointing his finger)

NO.I.Rule: What comedians inspire you?

Lil Duvall: I can’t really say I am inspired by any one person. I have my own style. I did not know I was funny until people started laughing … & still to this day I do not know some stuff I say is funny until the audience starts laughing BUT, I do have a lot of respect for anyone who has been in the game long like TK Kirkland & Chris Tucker.

NO.I.Rule: What was the first stand up comedy you did & how did you feel?

Lil Duvall: WOW “Coming to the Stage” & nervous as hell (he laughs).

NO.I.Rule: Who does your management team/support consist of?

Lil Duvall: Clay Evans & the Grand Hustle Family.

NO.I.Rule: A lot of people don’t know that you are officially signed to Grand Hustle, how is that relationship?

Lil Duvall: Grand Hustle is a family and when you say officially signed that just means paperwork to me. I don’t need paperwork. I have always liked T.I. as an artist since the beginning, and I just always hung around him and supported the same as he did me & we just always made like a lil pact - whoever gets on first will pull the other person up and he got on first and then he pulled me.

NO.I.Rule: What’s next for you?

Lil Duvall: A movie called: ‘Mo' Money Mo' Family’, a comedy album & plenty of tours

NO.I.Rule: Thanks for your time!

Lil Duvall: You’re welcome!

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